An American in Europe

17 December

Samantha and AJ in Paris! Dec. 13 – 14

We decided to take a side trip to see some sunshine!
Click ``read more’’ to see photos of the Boro girls in Paris!

First we went to Le Tour Eiffel
Photo: Eiffel Night

Samantha underneath the tower
Photo: Sammie under Eiffel

The Louvre at night – it was cold!
Photo: Louvre at night

Paris, like London, is bidding for the 2012 Olympics
Photo: Paris 2012

Yay ride the Metro! We kept having people approach us to talk to us.
Even after we told them we didn’t understand them!
What part of ``Je ne parle pas francais’’ don’t people understand?
But they were trying to befriend us.
Photo: Sammie Paris metro

Walking the Champs-Elysees – so glamorous!
They light up all the trees at night.
Photo: Sammie Champs Elysees

Sammie buys cow girl boots at Zara's on the Champs
Photo: Sam buys shoes

Then we met up with a friend, and he took us through the Jewish and gay neighborhood!
Photo: Jewish and Gay part

Thanks K.R. for dinner! It was so great meeting with you!

Breakfast the next morning. Samantha looks like a local.
Oy that's a long baguette!
Photo: Sammie Eat Baguette

Us after ordering breakfast. (I had quiche)
Photo: AJ Sam Baguette

Then off to Ile de la Cite!
Photo: AJ Sam Notre Dame

This man in front of Notre Dame had hundreds of birds around him.
Samantha said it was disgusting. Haha.
Photo: Bird man

Samantha looks for Quasimodo
Photo: Sammie Baguette Notre Dame

Everything looks special around Christmas time
Photo: Notre Dame tree

We saw lots of artists inside Notre Dame.
Photo: Inside Notre Dame draw

I lit a candle
Photo: AJ light candle

Yay Jesus!
Photo: Jesus Notre Dame

One of the rose windows
Photo: Notre Dame Rose window

Behind the pulpit
Photo: Mary Notre Dame

Another artist
Photo: Notre Dame artists

A nativity scene in Notre Dame
Photo: Nativity Notre Dame

Who doesn’t love Paris?
Photo: Paris so beautiful

Us by the Seine, near Hotel deVille
Photo: AJ Sam Seine

Sammie by the Arc de Triomphe
Photo: Sam Arc D’ Triomphe

Shopping again!
Photo: AJ Sam Champs

That night, we took the train back to London, and I ate for the last time at Spice Grills.
Here we are with the staff!
Photo: Spice Grills

The End!
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