An American in Europe

12 December

Samantha comes to visit!! Day 1

Click “read more” to see photos of Samantha’s first night in London

Samantha thinks our neighborhood is cute!
Sam by house

This cat scared her. Silly Sam.
Photo: Black Cat

Samantha started to run away when it got up.
“That cat is so big!”
Black Cat Walk

Christmas caroling in Trafalgar Square!
Sammie Carol

In front of the Trafalgar tree
Sammie Trafalgar Tree

Samantha meets Tony Blair!
Sam tony blair

He says hello to me too
aj tony blair

Matt DeFour showed up from Dublin!!
The last time I saw him, we were spending the night with Sara and Will under the Eiffel Tower!
We meet again . . .
Here’s Matt and Sammie on the Queen’s Jubilee bridge
matt sam bridge

If someone had told me in high school that this would one day happen, I wouldn’t have believed them. AJ and Sam in London!
aj sam jubilee bridge

We decided to ride the London Eye!!!
st pauls

Riding the London Eye
aj sam london eye

Those beams of light are the Oxford Street lights, which can be seen throughout London!
oxford street lights

They will see us waving from such great heights . . . =)
aj sam matt london eye

You can see the Parliament Christmas tree!
parliament xmas tree

Back on the ground
blurry blue trees

We were up there!
wheel blue trees

The Leicester Square carnival!
leic carnival

“Are you guys in the queue?”
everyone carnival


Everyone loves the carnival!

Lights and colors
lights colors

We go on the swings! (yay kids again)
sammie swings

Are we all journalists or what?

sammie photo

Vera Matt Mark Swings

(Kris will have photos of me on her site. . . haha.)

The swings whir by!
Swings Whirr

Where to eat?
Where to eat

But Sammie and I weren’t ready to eat.
One more ride, on the Tilt-a-whirl, with this guy, who paid for our ride ticket for the privilege of riding with us . . . haha!
Tilt a whirl

I wasn’t hungry after this ride
Not Hungry After

Last night in London for them. (Sniffle)
It’s been fun mis amis
Mark Kris Last Night in London

Time to say good night!
Leicester Square Restaurant
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