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10 December

Invitation to Pakistan

The Pakistani family who runs Spice Grills, where I eat dinner every night, has invited me to stay with their cousins for free in Pakistan if I ever visit. Hmmm. Seriously considering it. Pakistan - how cool!

The family really likes me because 1. I eat at their restaurant EVERY night and 2. The owner's brother runs a gas station in New Jersey. (I'm not making this up.) And I'm from Jerz.

I'll miss my Naan bread with Saag Paneer or Paneer Tikka Massala every night. =)

posted at 01:51:35 on 12/10/04 by ajluvsu - Category: General


theSUZ wrote:

Isn't it wonderful to have friends all over the world? And to learn that you can build a life, and a home, in so many places? I think it really is true that the more we love, the more room we have to love. :)

See you soon, AJ! I miss you!
12/10/04 08:40:42

Jim {= wrote:

Andrea, there is a Pakistany restaurant not far from where I live. I went in one day to get a menu, I read it but was not sure what to buy! perhaps a Jerzzy Girl could help me out with a good choice???
12/10/04 09:17:29

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