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09 December

Internet troubles

I have a connection in my room now, which was wonderful for about a week, but on Monday it started restricting my bandwidth.

The only thing I can do is send instant messages and update my blog with text. It took me 90 minutes tonight to upload about five pictures.

I can't check e-mail, find out when Samantha's plane gets in - nothing. So basically, Saturday is fast approaching, I don't have time to do this stuff at work - and I get home after the Internet cafes close.

I feel disconnected. And what's so weird is I can update my blog! WHY!? I can't even go to - because it says cannot find page, or it opens a text-only version of the site.

I can't read my beloved Washington Post . . .

I have no clue what's wrong. I know I have a lot of computer friends, please email me and tell me what's wrong!! Maybe it's because I'm not paying for the connection?

I tried ipconfig /release and renew. DNS refresh. .. I tried putting in the IP and DNS addresses by hand, obtain automatically - nothing works. NOTHING. And my wireless connection strength is at 11.0 Mbps. So it's strong.

Yet, web pages don't load and I can't upload pictures. And Outlook Express can't check mail. . . baffled.

Anyway, on another note, London is great these last few days. I've been going out or going to parties every night this week. And the Pakistani family who runs my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood gave me a Christmas card! (So sweet!)

``To the girl who likes Saag Paneer. . .''

Friday night is our Bloomberg team dinner, and I'm excited. So I'm going to go to bed now for another 5-hours-of-sleep night so I can have energy to party tomorrow night with my very awesome colleagues. (I'll miss them sooooo much, I cried today when I thought about leaving them.) They're hilarious and hard-working and competent...a great bunch.

I volunteered for BOB today at work (Best of Bloomberg) and it was quite fun and the company threw a big party tonight to celebrate all the work its employees do for charity. Free drinks, lights, music.

I'd show you pics of the party but. . . see above.

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