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09 December

Basel, Sunday, Dec. 6 - The Emergence of Claude –

Like Saturday, Sunday got off to a late start. Click ``read more’’ to see photos of my last day in Schweiz.

This is the government building, Rathaus
Photo: Rathaus

The city has many beautiful old buildings. The country was spared the bombing that destroyed many historical buildings during World War II.
Photo: Rathouse tree

Wünschen ist positive, Wünschen ist optimistisch, Wünschen ist kreativ . . .
I wrote a wish in the big wish book!
Photo: AJ Wish Book
What did I wish for? That’s between me, Michele and the thousands of people who read the wish book. ;)

We ate hot chestnuts! My first time eating them!!
Photo: Michele Chestnuts

Look who showed up! This is Claude and he got taller!
And he baked cookies!! (His first time, ever.) They were vegan, and good!
Photo: Claude cookies

Walking the streets of Basel
Photo: Claude Michele Stairs

Basel Rooftops
Photo: Basel Rooftops

Andreasplatz!!! That’s mein platz! (Ok, so I really wanted to see it. But it was near one of Michele’s hangouts in college too!)
Photo: Andreasplatz

And time to take AJ back to the airport
Photo: Tram Michele Claude

My plane was delayed an hour! By the time we landed in London, all public transportation had stopped running. So I was stuck at Luton Airport about one hour outside the city. But a really awesome British girl gave me a lift back to town and dropped me off at my door! (It helps to talk to and take rides with strangers.) The girl’s housemate text-messaged her, ``Please can we kidnap the American and keep her as a pet? Please?’’

Anyway, thanks to the kindness of a stranger I got home at midnight! And yes, I still showed up at 6 a.m. at Bloomberg the next day!

Love me =)
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