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09 December

Basel, Saturday, Dec. 4 - Christmas and Aliens -

Click “read more” to see photos of our Saturday, which, er, got of to a late start. ;) But ended on two really good notes. ;)

Basel’s Christmas Market in something Platz! =) (What’s it’s name again Michele?)
Photo: Christmas Market Basel 1

Photo: Christmas Market Basel 2

Photo: Christmas Market Basel 3

Photo: Christmas Market Basel 4

We bought and drank glühwein!
Photo: Gluhwine1

Photo: Gluhwine2

Photo: Gluhwine3

Photo: Gluhwine4
(How did she go the whole day carrying heavy groceries, no gloves and no hat? Swiss blood.)

A little red-headed angel for the tree.
Photo: angel red head

Cozy inside Cafe Huguenin
Photo: View Coffee Basel

Juli makes fondue! She said the garlic kills germs.
Photo: Juli Garlic

Michele and I put the table here and set it!
Ok, so we had to take the table apart and bring it out in pieces, but we still did it! haha
Photo: fondue dining

Did you know: Swiss people invent games and rules for dropping the bread in the cheese? The guys said if one of the girls lose the bread, we have to strip, and if they drop it, they have to drink a beer. We didn’t find that very fair, so we scrapped that game!

Did you know: Fondue used to be a poor person’s meal, bread and cheese and filling.

Did you know: A shot of Kirsch breaks the cheese up to prevent stomach aches. And it’s very hard to get drunk on a stomach full of cheese. Thus, all future pictures are sober.

Once full, it was time to go out! mir händs fescht!

Half of me, Juli and Sägi
Photo: Me Juli Shagi

We’re partying!
Photo: Basel Street Walking

This club has real figures that were used in the movie, Alien
Photo: Alien bar

Ladies, all the ladies … at Mad Max
Photo: Sexy Girls Basel

They will see us waving from such great heights…
Photo: Michele dancing

Photo: AJ Dancing Basel

Photo: Juli dance

Photo: Where’s Michele?

Photo: Juli cool photo

And after that, I stopped taking pictures and danced until about 3 a.m.! ;)

The end of day two.
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