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09 December

Basel, Friday Dec. 3 - AJ is coming to town -

Click “read more” to see photos of Friday in Basel!

Friday afternoon, I left work early to fly to Switzerland!
The fog was so thick that most flights were delayed, but not mine!
The only time I saw sun light all week was when I ascended past the clouds!
Photo: Basel Friday

When I landed, my cell phone welcomed me to France. Basel is where France, Germany and Switzerland meet! A couple of minutes into the city, and my phone welcomed me to Switzerland!
Photo: Three country sign

First, Michele and I had to buy breakfast for the weekend.
Photo: Michele Cheese

Then out on the town. . .
Basel is like Christmas land! So beautiful . . .

The Puppenhouse Museum
Photo: Puppenhouse

The Christmas Market at night
Photo: Christmasmarket night

Michele had these shoes when she was small!
Photo: Swiss Shoes

The Christmas market again
Photo: Christmas market 2

Here we are! I wanted to ride the pumpkins but we were too big.
Photo: AJ Michele Christmas Market

We ate at Aladin, an Arabic food restaurant right underneath this bar.
Photo: Don’t worry, be happy

This guitar player had a basket for each thing he wanted to buy. (Clothes, food, apartment.) Some people threw coins in his Mercedes basket!
Photo: Basket singer

Cheers! All Bar One
Photo: All Bar One cheers

Mittlere Brücke
Photo: View from Munster

The Muenster
Photo: Muenster

Photo: Shadows Basel

Photo: Lackerlihus

Läckerli House
Photo: Lackerli Michele

This is Basel’s Time Square, Michele said. Actually she said, ``This is Basel’s Picadilly Circus,’’ which is London’s Times Square. So this is Basel’s Time Square twice removed. So it actually looks nothing like Times Square. Get it?
Behind me are the free public restrooms. You only get fifteen minutes and then the doors automatically open!
Photo: AJ Bathrooms in the background

Michele spends a lot of time text messaging!
Photo: Michele Text Message

Here’s what you get when you order a rum & coke in Switzerland!!
Photo: AJ rum and coke

Funny text message?
Photo: Funny text message

Patrick and Mimmy
Photo: Patrick and MM

I love Swiss people! (Sorry to my new friend MF if you read this! Hahaha – I know you find the country useless.)
Photo: Party at Abo

A sad text message
Photo: Mimmy Sad

Try again
Photo: Mimmy try again

Here’s Andi and I with an authentic Swiss guy. He knows how to party and dance!
Photo: Andi, AJ, Club 59

. . . Meanwhile, where's Michele?
Photo: Michele Smoke

Andi said he is very against war, but he sure liked those B52’s!!
Photo: B52s

The idea of not being able to smoke in a bar:
Photo: Andi is a keeper

Michele was saying something about the straws? I have no idea.
Photo: AJ Michele straws

Swiss chocolates
Photo: AJ before sleeping

Shortly after this picture was taken, I went to sleep at the bar. Hey, you would too if it were 3 a.m. and you had been at work at 6 a.m. the previous morning!

The End of Day 1!
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