An American in Europe

17 December

Final Entry


This Web site contains words and pictures describing the first time I've lived outside of the United States.

Click ``archives'' to see the entries from September through December 2004.

The photos and essays are my impressions of traveling around Europe and working in London. Names and pictures of some people are missing, because I didn't have permission to post their photos! Thus, you won't see many pictures of my work colleagues, although I grew affection for them all.

Hope you enjoy the site!

-- To all my friends who followed my journeys through this blog - thank you! I miss you, and I hope to see you now that I'm stateside! =)


Andrea S. James
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Samantha and AJ in Paris! Dec. 13 – 14

We decided to take a side trip to see some sunshine!
Click ``read more’’ to see photos of the Boro girls in Paris!
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I'm in the United States!

. . . And the sun is shining. And there aren't any clouds. And my niece and nephew are watching Jerry Springer!

Last night my family and I ate at a diner. I woke up this morning, and wondered if Europe was all a dream. Because everything here stayed the same.

Did I really go? Am I really back?

Except now I have friends across the Atlantic that I miss, and an opportunity to go back and work in London.

I have much to think about.

Stay tuned for my final entry, with photos of Samantha's visit to Paris!! :)

Love Andrea
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15 December

Next stop U.S.A.

It's 3 a.m. and I'm still packing. My belongings are a mess on the floor and bed.
I couldn't sleep if I wanted to, there's no room on my bed for me.

My mind flashes back 4 months ago, when I sat in my room, filled with the same dread. Only, in Chicago I had to load everything in my car myself, and then drive it 14 hours east. Tomorrow, Nancy will take me to Heathrow, and I will fly 7 hours west.

My whole world is in the U.S. and I'm going back to it. Back to green money, American Mornings, Jiff Peanut Butter, The Daily Show, stars and stripes, and everyone I know and love.

See you all soon,

Love me :)

PS: Check back on this blog for the next few days, I'll post photos of Samantha's and my visit to Paris!
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14 December


Samantha and I left London on Monday morning to catch some Paris sunshine, meet a friend, and go shopping! La dolce vita. We're back in London now . . . pics coming soon.

About comments: You may have noticed a lot of irritating comments posted by some casino company. My site is being spammed by comments that don't make any sense! So I've had to turn off the comment function. Sad. And I have a lot of comments to delete, because they posted five comments for every blog entry I've ever written. Bastards. I want revenge on that bot . . .

Anyway, to my frequent comment posters, thanks guys! You're awesome and if you want to continue to comment, e-mail me and I'll set you up an account.
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12 December

Samantha in London – Day 2

Click “read more” to see photos of Sam’s second day in London! [Read More!]
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Samantha comes to visit!! Day 1

Click “read more” to see photos of Samantha’s first night in London [Read More!]
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11 December

Sammie's in Town!

I had a lot of fun with my Bloomberg team last night. . . yay! Still sad to leave them.

But . . . no time to mope because Samantha is HERE! Woo hoo!!

And, another one of my stories appears online:

France's 35-Hour Week isn't reducing working hours, study says
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Happy Birthday To Jay!

See you soon!
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10 December

Invitation to Pakistan

The Pakistani family who runs Spice Grills, where I eat dinner every night, has invited me to stay with their cousins for free in Pakistan if I ever visit. Hmmm. Seriously considering it. Pakistan - how cool!

The family really likes me because 1. I eat at their restaurant EVERY night and 2. The owner's brother runs a gas station in New Jersey. (I'm not making this up.) And I'm from Jerz.

I'll miss my Naan bread with Saag Paneer or Paneer Tikka Massala every night. =)
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09 December

Internet troubles

I have a connection in my room now, which was wonderful for about a week, but on Monday it started restricting my bandwidth.
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Trafalgar Square Tree Lighting Ceremony - That’s it? -

Americans know how to put on a show, I’ve learned. [Read More!]
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Basel, Sunday, Dec. 6 - The Emergence of Claude –

Like Saturday, Sunday got off to a late start. Click ``read more’’ to see photos of my last day in Schweiz. [Read More!]
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Basel, Saturday, Dec. 4 - Christmas and Aliens -

Click “read more” to see photos of our Saturday, which, er, got of to a late start. ;) But ended on two really good notes. ;) [Read More!]
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Basel, Friday Dec. 3 - AJ is coming to town -

Click “read more” to see photos of Friday in Basel! [Read More!]
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